Pipeline construction (courtesy Nacap)

This project aims at paving the road towards large-scale, Europe-wide infrastructure for the transport and injection of CO2 from zero-emission plants. The project will prepare for the optimum transition from initial small-scale, local initiatives towards large-scale CO2 transport and storage that is to start around 2020, with key stakeholders in the field of carbon capture, transport and storage. This transition, as well as the development of CO2 infrastructure will be studied by developing the business case in a number of realistic scenarios. The project will result in a roadmap for CO2 transport infrastructure, with 2020 as the target year for start of large-scale CCS in Europe. The roadmap will be defined for all levels considered in the project, ranging from technical to organizational, financial and societal. Both pipeline and ship transport is considered.

The following table contains a complete list of the CO2Europipe deliverables. Under the Publications tab, a more elaborate description of the deliverables can be found.

D 1.1.1 - CO2Europipe - Executive Summary
D 2.1.1 - Existing infrastructure for the transport of CO2
D 2.2.1 - Development of a large-scale CO2 transport infrastructure in Europe: matching captured volumes and storage availability
D 2.3.1 - Development of a large-scale CO2 transport infrastructure in Europe: a stakeholders' view
D 3.1.1 - Transport network design and CO2 management
D 3.1.2 - Standards for CO2
D 3.2.1 - CO2 transport through pipelines risk characterization and management
D 3.3.1 - Legal, financial and organizational aspects of CO2 pipeline infrastructures
D 4.1.1 - Report on the development of a CO2 transport infrastructure from Rotterdam
D 4.2.1 - Report on the existing pipeline infrastructure in the Rhine - Ruhr area and on the reuse of existing pipelines for CO2 transport
D 4.2.2 - Making CO2 transport feasible: the German case - Rhine/Ruhr area (D) - Hamburg (D) - North Sea (D, DK, NL)
D 4.3.1 - Kårstø offshore CO2 pipeline design
D 4.3.2 - Kårstø CO2 Pipeline Project: Extension to a European Case
D 4.4.1 - Environmental impact and risks of CO2 storage facilities in Poland
D 4.4.2 - Belchatow power plant - test case
D 4.4.3 - Czech Republic CO2 transport case


CO2 transport vessel (courtesy Anthony Veder)

CO2Europipe is a research project partly funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme. The project runs from its start in April 2009 through October 2011.